Daimler Tuition Assistance Programs

Daimler is proud to offer the following tuition assistance programs for our employees.  Please click on the appropriate program for more information.


daimlerTrucksmercedesBenzMercedes Benz Research and Development

mercedes-benzVans detroitLocal412


Technical support or questions regarding vouchers, course submission, payments, reimbursements, grades or anything associated with your institution, please contact Scholarship America:

Daimler Trucks North America: dtna@scholarshipamerica.org

Mercedes-Benz USA: mbusata@scholarshipamerica.org

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services / DNAC: dfstr@scholarshipamerica.org

Mercedes-Benz Research & Development: mbrdna@scholarshipamerica.org

Mercedes-Benz Vans: mbvans@scholarshipamerica.org

Detroit Diesel Programs: detroitdiesel@scholarshipamerica.org


For questions regarding Daimler Tuition Assistance, please contact:

NAFTA HR Shared Services
RaShonn Young
Tuition Assistance Specialist
Phone: +1-248-991-1117
Fax: +1-248-991-6983
Email: NAFTA_TuitionAssistance@daimler.com


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